Before and After School Care and Vacation Care


Camp Australia will continue to offer Before School, After School and Vacation Care for children of emergency and health workers, essential workers and vulnerable children only during this period of Off-Campus Learning.

As per the Government announcement on the 2 April, all childcare is now being provided free of charge, effective from 6 April until 30 June 2020.
Camp Australia have ensured additional measures are in place regarding hygiene, social distancing and enforcement of government isolation measures for our staff. We are taking additional measures to ensure the safety of children and our staff that include:

Cancellations of all Excursion in Autumn
All excursions have been cancelled this Autumn, and they will be replaced with other activities for the day within the service environment.
Incursion providers

A key part of the program relies on external providers to enhance the existing program with specialist activities to keep children engaged and entertained. All providers have signed a declaration that ensures their staff are healthy and meet the requirements of the department of health for self-isolation and to ensure that they meet all hygiene and social distancing requirements.

Reinforced Hygiene Practices
Camp Australia already operates with strict cleanliness and hygiene policies; these are being reinforced and updated as part of their cautious approach to COVID-19 including:
• Reinforcing good handwashing policies with educators and all children in our services.
• Surface sanitiser is being used to sanitise all benches, resources and other high-use areas before, during and after the service.
• Hand sanitiser to support hand washing as well as surgical masks that are to be used if anyone is displaying symptoms.
• External cleaners add another level of cleanliness at our cost to ensure the maximum protection at this time.
• Sign in and sign out will be done by one educator, after identifying the authorised parent/guardian, limiting multiple contacts using the service tablet.
• The is strict protocal and action plan in place if a child or educator begins to show any symptoms of a cold/the flu.

Social Distancing
• Large groups will be broken up into smaller groups, where possible, with one educator per group to minimise potential contact.
• Children will not be queuing up in long close-contact lines, and all sign-ins will be delivered quickly and efficiently by one educator.
• Any food will be served with tongs by the educators, to avoid multiple people handling them.
• Where possible, we will spread the groups between our different licensed spaces to provide the children more space.
• Programs will avoid any contact games, such as football, chasey, etc.
• Activity incursions will be split up and run in groups to avoid large groups in a singular space.

For more information, visit the Camp Australia website and use the school finder to search for Penrith Anglican College.