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Campus Map

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Penrith Anglican College’s expansive campus is set on 48 acres at the foot of the Blue Mountains overlooking the Penrith Valley in Orchard Hills.

Spacious classrooms are based around large, common learning areas where students have the opportunity to participate in collaborative learning activities and access a variety of resources.

The College grounds include:

  • a gymnasium
  • the Lighthouse Theatre
  • an oval
  • three basketball courts
  • cricket nets
  • play equipment
  • A state-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre, which is a hub for music, drama and dance.


The Preparatory students (Kindergarten to Year 2) have a designated playground – ‘The Farm’ – which consists of a shaded seating area, oval and play equipment.


Pre-Kindergarten students learn in bright, open classrooms with their own enclosed playground and grass area for outside play activities.