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Welcome from our Head of Secondary, Mr Leighton Corr

Potential and purpose.

The Secondary School at Penrith Anglican College is a place where students know they belong, are valued and encouraged to maximise their academic potential and find their purpose.

Academic program

Our academic program is renowned for being both rigorous and inclusive. We have students whose abilities and aspirations will see them go on to study at some of the best universities in the country and become future lawyers, doctors, engineers or teachers. We support and encourage them to achieve these goals.

Endless possibilities

We also have students who want to move into the family business, commence an apprenticeship or aren’t sure what their future may hold yet. We also work carefully with these students to ensure their academic experience gives them the best options and experience to be prepared for whatever their plans may be after High School.

Every student at Penrith Anglican College can expect to be encouraged and enabled to do their best academically and to find their purpose.

We are also aware that a student’s schooling experience goes far beyond the classroom.

Pastoral care and wellbeing

Students grow and change a lot during their high schooling years and our pastoral care and well-being structures seek to intentionally speak into our students’ journey outside of the classroom.

Mentor Groups, Year Groups, House Meetings

Students are part of regular Mentor Group, Year Group and House meetings to ensure they have plenty of time to hear and explore the importance of developing their character and learning about the College values.

What today's universities are looking for

More and more Universities and workplaces ask questions about the ‘sort of person’ our young people are not just what marks they might receive, so we very carefully spend time helping our young people navigate working out the sort of person they want to become. Every student at Penrith Anglican College can expect to be known and cared for as a person, not just a student.

Extra curricular opportunities

There are also a multitude of opportunities that students can access during their time here at the College. Whether their interest be sport, music, performing arts, art, science, STEM, building, design, leadership or travel; students will have the opportunity to engage in activities outside of the normal teaching and learning program in these areas.

Representative sport, community leadership, mission and service trips

The College boasts Australian representative athletes, students who win awards for Leadership in the community and we send mission and service trips overseas every year. Whatever your child might see as their passion, I am confident that at Penrith Anglican College we will provide a space for that passion to be developed.

The Importance of Relationships

Penrith Anglican College is more than a school, we are a community. As a Christian school, the concept of relationships is very important. Our mentor system ensures that our students regularly build their interpersonal skills, and our peer support and buddy programs are examples of our College fostering positive relationships between our students. We are relational beings, made to be in community with other people. When you join Penrith Anglican College, you join far more than just a school, but a Community where you will feel at home.

Christ, the centre of all we do

As a member of the Anglican Schools Corporation, the Christ is at the centre of all that we do.

We openly discuss the Christian faith, the Bible and the implications for us.

Students will participate in weekly chapel services and Christian Living classes. Our College is open to people from any faith position and background and we celebrate the diversity of our community. We think it is crucial for young people to consider ‘life’s big questions’ during their formative years. At Penrith we seek to create a safe environment for students to explore faith, ask questions and discover who they are.

Leighton Corr

Deputy Principal (Secondary)

BEd MACE Prel.Theo Cert. MEdLead