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Learning Enrichment in Secondary

Opportunities for gifted students.

The College uses Gagné’s ‘Differentiated Model of Giftedness’ as the cornerstone for its Learning Enrichment Program.

Students are identified as gifted through a range of methods including quantitative and qualitative assessment, classroom observation and parent insights.

Enrichment opportunities for gifted students ranges from differentiation within KLA programs to acceleration and grade skipping where appropriate. Following on from the programs in Years K -6, ability grouping continues across a variety of key learning areas from Years 7 to 10.

Our Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator works with classroom teachers, encouraging independent thinking and learning to develop problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills in our students. In addition, collaborative learning experiences are further enhanced through an inquiry based focus within subject areas.

Students are also provided with opportunities to participate in competitions such as the Maths Olympiad, the da Vinci Decathlon and Gateway 8, as well as KLA or class-based extension groups. These competitions are designed to further develop critical thinking skill sets essential for 21st century learners.