Service and Impact Trips

Serving others, globally.

Serving others is central to all we do at the College and our students are given the opportunity to live this out through various trips locally and internationally.

We value educating our students in a global context helping them to understand and experience how they can make a positive impact through serving others creating confident and compassionate young people.

The College has a strong history of offering unique opportunities for students to be involved in small group travel that aims to help broaden their thinking, recognise the blessings they have and how much they and others can benefit from employing a servant attitude.

There are three categories of trips that the College offers; Service trips, Impact trips and Cultural Trips.

Service Trips

Each year the College offers students the opportunity to serve on three different Service Trips:

  • Year 9 and 10 students can apply to go on a ten-day trip to Cambodia, serving at the HOPE for Cambodian Children Centre
  • Year 10 and 11 students can apply to go on a fifteen-day trip to Nepal, trekking through the mountains and then serving at a local school.
  • Year 11 students can apply to go on a seven-day trip to regional NSW as part of the Dusty Boots team, practically helping out at a country town through Bush Church Aid.

Note that the Nepal and Japan trips happen every two years. On all of these trips, students greatly benefit from learning about others and how best to encourage and help them in a way that is lasting and not tokenistic. It is always encouraging to hear the reflections of students post-trip as to what they learned and how it changed them for the better.

Impact Trips

Every second year the Secondary students can apply to be part of a team that travels to Fiji. The team visits and works with different schools and churches to share and encourage their faith with the Fijian people. Over the years strong bonds have been built as the Team becomes more aware of the needs of the local people and how they can best care for them. The Team goes with the goal to make a positive impact on the Fijian people, but the positive impact can also be seen by the students in all that they learn, see and do.

Cultural Trips

The College offers a range of cultural trips to various parts of the world, which are either on a regular or one-off basis. The College has a sister school relationship with Kumamoto Marist College in Kumamoto, Japan, and a group of students is taken to Japan every second year to experience the culture and develop language skills. The College also offers History trips to Europe to visit the locations significant to the history of World War I and World War II. A cultural exchange trip also takes place to New Caledonia to give French language students the experience of living in a French-speaking culture and using their language in an everyday context.

Service is important to the College and is not limited to these particular trips. There are many opportunities for students to be able to give back to others through various annual events (eg. Clean Up Australia Day, Red Shield Appeal) and ongoing programs (eg. Tabitha). The College recognises the benefits to students in being service orientated to buildingand we aim for our students to be at their best so that they can give their best to serving others in God’s world.