Challenge, Explore, Prepare

Memories and experience.

An integral and memorable part of a student’s experience in the Secondary School are their CEP experiences. CEP stands for Challenge, Explore, Prepare.

Every year from Year 7 to Year 12, each year group has the opportunity to enjoy time away from the classroom engaging in a wide variety of activities designed to challenge, prepare and allow them to explore the world around them and what they are actually capable of achieving.

Out of our comfort zones

Some year groups, such as Year 7, focus on building relationships, exploring the gospel message and allowing students to challenge themselves in activities designed to take them out of their comfort zone. Other year groups including Years 10 and 12, spend time focusing on the future and preparing for life after school.

Camps, talks, races, bushwalks and more

From Year 7–12 the range of experiences runs from fully catered camps to camping in tents, from canoeing expeditions to hearing from Alumni and industry experts, from an Awesome Race around Sydney to a bushwalk in the Blue Mountains.

Fantastic memories. Future preparation.

We are confident that participating in CEP experiences will not only provide fantastic memories for our students, but will develop and equip them as young adults preparing for a bright future.