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Future career information and opportunities

Thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our Careers Advisor helps students by equipping them with the information and tools to make informed choices about their future study and careers.

The College Careers Centre

The College Careers Centre provides a central hub where students have access to a wealth of information and the services of our Careers Advisor. These resources enable students to gain insight into the types of careers that they may be suited to, the subjects that would best facilitate access to those careers and the different pathways that are available to them. Course Guides from universities (NSW, interstate and overseas), TAFE NSW, Private Colleges and Professional Groups are also accessible at the centre.

Career Aptitude Assessment, Careers Counsellor and Work Experience

Students in Year 10 have the opportunity to take part in a Career Aptitude Assessment at the beginning of the year. Those students who participate receive a personalised profile detailing the types of careers they may be most suited to and attend an interview with a professional and independent Careers Counsellor, which parents are also invited to attend. This assessment can also assist students in their subject choices for Years 11 and 12 and to explore opportunities for Work Experience later that year. Year 10 Work Experience runs for one week and gives students first-hand understanding of the workplace environment and the various aspects associated with the career that they have an interest in.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers from various tertiary institutions and training providers are regularly invited to the College, giving students the opportunity to learn about different career options and the best pathways for them.

Years 10-12 Canvas Course for Careers

Students from Years 10-12 have access to a Canvas Course for Careers where there is information on upcoming events, seminars, webinars, Career Expos, University and TAFE Open Days, scholarships and deadlines for applications to be registered including early entry to some Tertiary courses. These students and their parents will also receive an email with a summary of the most relevant information. Information is also disseminated through The Vine Newsletter.

Contact the Careers Centre

Students and parents are more than welcome to contact the Careers Centre at for assistance at any point.