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Why Pre-Kindergarten?

A Pre-K education at Penrith Anglican College allows students to become familiar with the whole College environment by the time they begin Kindergarten. The Pre-K program provides a stimulating, nurturing and engaging environment for inquisitive young minds.

Pre-K offers a bridge into formal schooling, with students learning the routines, expectations, and language of our College. Students attending Pre-K are equipped and empowered, learning procedures, locations, and familiar faces. This allows them to feel excited and anticipate the wider learning opportunities, friendships and physical freedoms within the school grounds that Kindergarten brings.

Penrith Anglican College Pre-K is a safe, caring, enriching environment where students enjoy both structured and spontaneous learning experiences in small classes. Pre-K is staffed by qualified and experienced early childhood teachers and trained teachers’ aides.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program is based on the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and is also in line with the Early Years Learning Framework.

Pre-K at Penrith Anglican College provides:

  1. A Christian education
  2. A foundation for learning within a school environment
  3. A foundation for learning in Kindergarten
  4. A strong emphasis on Early Literacy, Early Numeracy, Inquiry and Social Skills
  5. A foundation for developing strong partnerships between students, teachers and families

The Pre-K program at Penrith Anglican College offers 2 Day, 3 Day or 5 Day options. These programs cater to individual needs and interests and give opportunities for creative expression through inquiry-based learning.

Pre-K students have opportunities to engage in:

  • Christian Education lessons
  • Daily Pre-Literacy and Pre-Numeracy lessons
  • Interest-based investigations
  • Weekly Library lessons
  • Music
  • Weekly Art lessons
  • Primary School Chapels
  • Primary Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals
  • Specialist sports lessons with qualified trainers
  • Praying and raising funds for their Compassion sponsor child, who is adopted by the grade for their entire schooling
  • Special events including Book Week Parades, Easter Hat Parades, author visits, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events, House Charity Days, Disco

Pre-K students have access to:

  • College facilities - Gymnasium, Lighthouse Theatre, Library, play equipment and sports fields
  • Onsite before and after school care
  • After school activities including Motiv8 Sports and football
  • Canteen (for lunch orders)