Learning Enrichment

At the heart of Primary Enrichment is the idea of students asking why?

It starts with 'why?'

Out of why comes wonder, research and new ideas that encompass and nourish Problem Solving and Critical and Creative Thinking Skills to tackle the complex world that lays before them.

Primary Enrichment gives students the opportunity to introduce higher order thinking skills and extend their knowledge in Literacy, Numeracy and Science or History, using research based inquiry thinking theories. The Primary Enrichment teachers work alongside the classroom teachers to provide interesting, higher order thinking lessons each week. The lessons encourage ‘out of the box thinking’ and for students to take risks with their responses.

QUEST Program

One of Primary Enrichment’s highlights is the QUEST program. A small group of selected students from each grade are exposed to extended understandings based on the Science or History topics they are learning about in class. The units are led by students’ interests and questions, encouraged to seek answers, whilst being taught research techniques and discernment of appropriate information.

Conversation Club

Conversation Club allows selected students from Years 3-6 the opportunity to spend time talking to other like-minded students about topics that are important to them and appear in the mainstream media. The conversations are often led by the students with the Enrichment teacher facilitating discussion.


Students across Years 3-6 are also selected to be involved in a variety of internal and external academic competitions including, Gateway 8, Maths Olympiad, and the da Vinci Decathlon as some examples of the College’s involvement.