John Lambert Awards

Posted : 23 November 2021

I had the pleasure of presenting John Lambert Awards to students across Kindergarten to Year 12.

The award is presented to students who have accumulated points for effort and achievement in academia, sports, creative and performing arts, community service, citizenship and fellowship. We have implemented a change during 2020 and 2021. Instead of resetting to zero points at the start of each year, students continue to collect points until they receive the required number. It may take some students a year to achieve the award while others may take two or three.

Regardless of the time taken, receiving a John Lambert Award signals that a student is actively involved in the life of the College, represents the College well and displays effort and an attitude of service.

We were not able to have a ‘live’ presentation of these awards so we have taken a photo of each child receiving their award and these will be printed and given to families as a record of this excellent achievement. We congratulate all the students who have been presented with their John Lambert Award in Term 4.

Mrs Felicity Grima