Secondary Swimming Carnival

Posted : 04 February 2022

The Secondary Swimming Carnival was held at Ripples Penrith on Thursday 3 February. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, only competitors and Year 12 were able to attend but they all made the most of the opportunity and the day was very successful. The Year 12 students had their traditional novelty race which was hilarious for the spectators!

Non-swimming competitors didn’t miss out. They were able to get involved with the Swimming Carnival by earning points for their house with Water-Themed Novelty events on campus. In Year Groups, students earned points for their house by working together in the different challenges organised by our Heads of House. Games included water cup relays, filling pipes that needed many holes closed, moving water between house bases using water-soaked sponges and throwing water balloons at a range of targets.

Points from both the Swimming Carnival and on-campus Novelty events have been tallied, and we can congratulate CRANMER on their win at this event in 2022!

Final points and positions:

  • 1st – Cranmer – 1,053 points (Swimming – 895; Novelties – 158)
  • 2nd – Ridley – 739 points (Swimming – 615; Novelties – 124)
  • 3rd – Ryle – 575 points (Swimming – 437; Novelties – 138)
  • 4th – Latimer – 541 points (Swimming – 397; Novelties – 144)