Tabitha Program 2022

Posted : 01 March 2022

The Tabitha program has been operating for over a decade at the College and seeks to involve our Year 11 and 12 students in service learning, provide opportunities to develop personally and set aside time to be active and stay healthy. Over the six terms of the program, students need to select two service electives, one personal development elective and one action elective. The remaining two electives can be from any category. Students are also required to reflect on their involvement in their electives. At the conclusion of the program students are eligible for the Tabitha Diploma or the Tabitha Diploma with Honours if a further twenty hours of voluntary service has been undertaken and reflected on.

This term, students are involved in electives such as:

  • Bushwalking where they are able to experience the beauty of creation and maintain physical fitness
  • Student Newsletter with the opportunity to create a newsletter for the College which showcases our students
  • Self Defence where students learn tactics from avoidance, verbal de-escalation to physical tactics to deal with tricky situations
  • Creating Canopies. This is an ongoing project in partnership with Landcare to plant species attracting trees and shrubs on land at the rear of the College. Future plans also include an edible native garden classroom, frog boxes, bee hotels and the like. As the project grows, we hope to embed it into life at the College with students across all the age groups being aware of the program and involved in some capacity

As Covid restrictions ease, we hope to restart electives such as helping in the Primary school which our students really enjoy.

We hope that by involvement in this compulsory program, students are able to understand the beauty of helping others, grow in their skills and abilities and be able to maintain a healthy balance of physical activity, study and other elements of life as they journey through Years 11 and 12.

Mrs Fiona Wright
Director of Student Development 10-12