Year 9 Challenge – Explore – Prepare (CEP) 2022

Posted : 24 May 2022

Year 9 Challenge – Explore – Prepare (CEP) 2022

It was with great delight that Year 9 students and a group of teachers were able to head to Kangaroo Valley on Wednesday for their annual adventure. Our CEP program is a wonderful opportunity for students to spend time together out of the classroom and in a different environment. It gives students the chance to be challenged in different ways, to explore a wonderful part of God’s creation and to prepare for things ahead by learning new skills and more about each other.

Students were asked at the start of these three days to consider two concepts: respect and curiosity. They started by listening to an Acknowledgement of Country for the Wodi Wodi people, respecting the cultural heritage of the area and the history of the local indigenous peoples. Respect is such an important value for our students to learn. Learning to respect all in our community from the peers students share their tents with, to the canoeing instructor and to the residents of Kangaroo Valley so that respect is shown in each conversation and action.

Being in a different environment brings about new experiences where you can learn new skills and to marvel how creation crafts magnificent vistas. From learning the affect of different strokes whilst in a canoe, to watching wombats scratch an itch and listening to other Year 9 students sing and share thoughts about life who you haven’t really spoken with before. Mr McCallum spoke to students from Romans 12 about being transformed and thinking through what the impact God can have on our lives.  

The time out of the classroom is truly a unique and special time. The lessons our students take in are not necessarily from the academic curriculum, but they are such important life lessons that help students to grow and shape their strength of character, something that is of great value to our College.

Miss Adele Crane
Director of Student Wellbeing